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Cegonsoft Feedback

CEGONSOFT PVT LTD is well known for offering specialized software courses & placements according to the industrial requirements nearly for the past 9 years.

We have served 50,000+ students and in that 14,000+ students have settled in a reputed IT Jobs and more than 2000+ employees is been employed in respective branches But unfortunately due to some students and the some employees the company is facing an issues because of the negative comments which is been posted in these kind of forum it was clearly mentioned by the company if you face any kind of problem kindly send a feedback to feedback@cegonsoft.com, where your queries will be solved in 48 hours what ever your problem states when you have a problem come to us we would be solving your problem. What is the benefit you’re getting if you post a comment will your problem be solved? If we look in the student point and solve the problem by taking an action on the EMPLOYEES then the employees starts posting a negative comment on the company and if we take an action on student on their irregularity or for their attitude based on the feedback from the employee the student will go and comment. Now what is that the company have to do? What kind of the steps to be taken? We are not saying the we are doing 100% best, yes we agree that when we serve these kind of huge number of people there will be some mistakes in any company in that case. But see the ratio of complaints against the success. 50,000+ students and 2000+ employees in that 100 people goes negative it means 99.75% of people are happy with our service. We still not denying the factor that we didn’t serve 0.25% of people because of some reasons but we are ready to solve their issues now also, for that they have to approach us. If company has clearly told that come to us will give you a solutions nobody is turning up and instead posting the comment on false names why this hide and seek if you really need an solutions come to us or if you have any kind of proofs you can go legally against the company by filing a case on us we are ready to face any kind of issue because we know we have not did any kind of fraudulent activities.

Be it a ex-employee or student if you have any kind of issues come to us directly instead if you are posting these kind of posts in forums the company can take up a legal action against you we have filed FIR on some people who posted wrongly about us in the forum’s and sending a wrong mails. Even if you are posting in a nick name or anything also you will get caught very easily through your IP address, etc.. In India there is a separate division called Cyber Crime branch for all these kind of issues and find the below Link for more details on the action taken on a person in latest and her punishment.

Note: Under section 67 of Information Technology Act 2000 read with section 507 of I.P.C.
Such type of Cyber Crime that is punishable with up to 5 years of imprisonment & fine of Rs. 1 lac.